Marketing tools + Content products + Campaign = Seamless prospecting??

Social Media user > Website visitor > convert to leads > get customer > enthuse and get fans (“Brand Advocates”) and gain new customers …

traditional marketing teams & processes cope more and more poorly + much potential stay unused + campaigns run too slowly and can not react to daily new trends and opportunities!

Agile Marketing as new generation of marketing management: enables new + effective process / management organisation in marketing with Scrum teams!

How? Success with Marketing Team organized as Scrum Team

  • listen continual to target audience
  • prozessual able to react in ideal moment
  • react in real time + create campaign without special meeting, permission or long internal processes

“Regelmäßig hochwertigen Content produzieren und verbreiten klingt gut, ist wünschenswert, aber in der Alltages-Praxis meist schwer umzusetzen. Gründe sind mangelnde Ressourcen und Zeitknappheit aufgrund lfd. Projekte. Content-Marketing-Abteilungen müssen sich mit Komplexität auseinandersetzen. Ein Lösungsansatz, um regelmäßig guten Content auf die Straße zu bringen: das agile Framework bzw. agile Marketing.”

Scrum Framework
To Do #1

Scrum Overview

Start with independent meeting with colleagues to explain Scrum incl. terms, roles and rules

To Do #2

Planning Meeting

put heads together, discuss this experiment, set Sprint duration, clear “Who is our customer?”, “Who is doing the Product/Campaign Owner?”

To Do #3

Estimation Meeting

estimate most important tasks, clear “How are we estimating?”

> learn how to write User Stories in easy phrases (so that every team member understands the goal) and improve wording!
> find testimonial task which can be estimated by every team member

To Do #4

Sprint Planning

clear “What can be done in our first Sprint?” + “How can we implement this?” (or “What do we need to deliver?”) > time frame + feasibility (set at least 90 min for this Planning!)

To Do #5

5. Start 1. Sprint

find your moment for the Daily Scrum and improve transparency + exchange intermediate results with Dailies!
get a team of professionals working together (instead of a team of individualists working for their tasks)!

initialize feedback loops + learn from errors + make plannings (course corrections) instead of plans (follow sh*t)!

and start finishing!

getting things done: show results at certain point in time (tasks that are real done)!
initialize flow and learn how much work can be done in certain time frame
improve your predictability: predict your goals

get a clear focus + an overview over all tasks + optimize collaboration in team